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One Plus Business and Tax Consulting opened its doors more than twenty-five years ago to assist our clients in tax planning and preparation. But we saw a need for more.

We saw business owners who needed more than just number-crunching. They needed help improving the overall financial fitness of their business.

They needed higher-level financial literacy and they needed help becoming more business savvy!

savvy | noun
shrewdness and practical knowledge, especially in business

Owning a business is highly personal especially for those who started with only a dream.

Because they are so close to the particulars business owners often struggle in the development and execution of a master plan.

We wanted to offer ‘bigger picture’ expertise that would empower our clients to become better business owners and to achieve the greatest success possible.

Strategic Planning

We help our clients grow with a plan. We help them see beyond the day-to-day operations. We guide them in developing priorities, goals, and tangible actions that maximize their growth potential while minimizing risk.

Financial Management

We help our clients center on effectively managing their financial profile today while purposefully focusing on their long-term success. We meet them where they are and help move them to where they want to go.

Operations + Process Efficiencies

The survival of your business depends largely upon your ability to provide high-quality deliverables in the most cost-effective manner possible. We help our clients utilize resources and craft efficient processes that focus on higher profits.

Technology + Systemization Solutions

We enable our clients to scale their business and improve customer satisfaction by offering the right technology and system solutions for their individual needs.

Business Architecture Mapping

We help our clients develop the guiding blueprint of their business. Taking them beyond their vision we help them connect the dots between their business aim and their business action.

Business Value Growth Strategies

We help our clients tactically build a firm foundation that can handle growth and deliver a consistent upturn in business value. We help them identify necessary strategies that will allow them to scale their business. 

Succession + Exit Planning

Whether our clients are wanting to take a step back, transfer operational management to a successor, or to sell the business we help our clients determine the best exit plan that protects their assets, offers income for retirement, and secures their professional portfolio.

Corporate Finance Structuring

We help our clients determine and establish the best corporate structure and help them keep their finger on the pulse of their company's capital structure.

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Our client engagements always start by getting to know you.

We believe that the only way to help people reach their goals and better the community is by spending valuable time together. We invest the time needed to learn the history of your business, where you are today, and most importantly what you’re looking to accomplish in the future.

I believe having a trusted advisor is one of the best investments a business owner can make; myself included. No one deserves being old and broke.

Rafael Carmona, EA


We spend time with you.

We believe that to best serve our clients it’s essential we gain a solid understanding of how their business currently serves their lives and what outcomes need to be realized to best serve their lives in the future.

We work hand-in-hand with you to develop and execute a personalized plan to help you secure your financial future.

Let’s Strike Up a Conversation! Give us five minutes to see how we can help you never worry about your business again.


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