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You have a lock on your door to protect your family from intruders. You have an alarm and insurance on your car to protect yourself from thieves and accidents. But is your wealth protected?

Do you have the right safeguards in place to shield your wealth from:

  • Negligence
  • Income Tax
  • Estate Tax
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Bear Market Times
  • Unexpected Medical Expenses
  • Long-term care needs in retirement

Wikipedia defines the goal of asset protection as “planning is to insulate assets from claims of creditors without perjury or tax evasion.”  Our goal is to educate and guide you with easy and legal methods to help protect your portfolio against creditors and liabilities.

When should I begin asset protection planning? In a word, NOW!

If you own a car, a home, a business, have a retirement fund, owe annual income taxes, and plan to retire someday you should have an asset protection plan in place.

Because life happens. Car accidents occur. People make mistakes. Markets rise and fall.
And you’re guaranteed to own the same creditor every year… the federal government.

Depending on your individual needs, protecting your wealth can be fairly simple or require a more complicated plan.  It can be expensive or surprisingly inexpensive. Either way, it should be a focus and an area for investment.

We are here to help you implement strategies that mitigate your exposure to potential threats against your assets and protect your long- and short-term financial goals.  

Plan before there’s a judgment against you.

Transferring assets when there is a creditor already in pursuit can be deemed fraudulent causing more harm than good. We will review your potential exposure coupled with your overarching estate planning goals to determine the best strategies for safeguarding your wealth.

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Successful asset protection planning factors in

Your income

What are you earning now? What does your income horizon look like?

Your retirement needs

How much money will you need to retire? What do you want to leave your family?

Your risk factors

Health risks. Negligent exposure risks. Income tax bracket risks.

Our goal is to help our clients with long-term asset protection while addressing current needs for security.