Payroll Check for Employee


The one thing in business that has to be perfect = PAYROLL

Payroll management is one of the biggest headaches for most business owners. Small to medium-sized businesses often spend more to handle their payroll tasks than larger businesses. And inefficient and outdated payroll solutions can cost you thousands if something goes wrong.  

Even if you only have one employee payroll processing is time-consuming and requires a business owner to be knowledgeable on current labor regulations, taxation, and deposit rules.

Pay period after pay period, One Plus Business and Tax Consulting can take this recurring worry off your hands.

We provide full-service payroll processing and administration to help you.


Tax tables and regulations governing payroll are not only complex but ever-changing.

Being unaware of a change in IRS or labor regulations will not absolve you of legal responsibility for any misrepresentation or failure to comply with employment taxes to the state and federal governments.

+ We help our clients stay compliant with all local and federal payroll regulations and manage the annual employee and contractor forms to ensure they are within guidelines.


On average, nearly half of all small businesses will be assessed approximately $845 every year for payroll errors, omissions, or late payroll tax filing.

If you have less than 30 employees, hiring a full-time payroll manager is not cost-effective.

+ We help our clients ensure timely submission of all government forms and tax payments. And our full-service payroll solution is significantly less than a full-time salary.


Calculating pay, processing paychecks, reporting, and all filings can consume a substantial amount of time.

Employees assisting with payroll duties will need time off leaving the owner burdened with ensuring all gets done. Payroll errors cause disgruntled employees who are far less productive.

+ Our expertise and systems allow for quicker processing which means our clients have more time to spend on revenue-generating activities. And ensuring employees are paid correctly means a happier, more productive workforce.


Sadly, embezzlement, identity theft, and unethical activities quite often cost a business owner sometimes thousands of dollars and tremendous stress.

If computers are compromised, proper back-ups and not completed, or information is stolen, essential reporting data can be lost putting the owner at significant risk.

+ We help our clients by eliminating the possibility of unscrupulous employee behavior and mitigating their risk for data corruption.

We are the perfect solution for your payroll processing needs.

We offer a wide range of services, which include the following:

Salaried and hourly employee calculation
Workers compensation calculation and management
Benefit calculation and reporting
Printed paychecks or Direct Deposit for Your Employees
Payroll Reports
Quarterly Tax Forms
Year-End Tax Forms
Tax Deposit Services
W-2s and 1099s

One Plus Business and Tax Consulting can help you improve and streamline your current in-house processing systems or assume your comprehensive payroll needs. Schedule your consultation today to explore how we can help.