Our Mission

Every entrepreneur knows it all starts with a “why”!
At One Plus Business and Tax Consulting we see everything we do as an opportunity to challenge the status quo and to help our clients do the same.

We challenge ourselves to go beyond the status quo of the typical accounting firm. We aim to forge a partnership with our clients by building long-term relationships and serving them in a way that contributes to their growth.

We strive to create an environment that will cause each of our clients to view us as a trusted business advisor by not just recording history but providing advice and counsel on relevant business and tax issues for their future.

We find joy in helping people reach their goals and become successful. Our pinnacle of success is to empower our clients with the financial fuel to drive their ideas, inspirations, and goals and witness them enjoying retirement financially sound.

Rafael Carmona, EA


Our overarching mission is to provide our clients with superior and highly personalized services coupled with practical solutions for our clients’ diverse needs.

We commit to keeping abreast of the most recent technical financial information to maintain our clients’ integrity and trust. And we focus on constant and never-ending improvement for ourselves and our clients.

We believe everybody prospers along the journey.

Keeping with our why, ‘challenging the status quo’, our team developed "Commandments" that guide our daily interactions with our clients.

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"The Ten Commandments"

of One Plus Business and Tax Consulting:

1 - Clients are the most important people in our firm. They are our lifeblood and the reason our firm exists. 

2 - Our clients are not dependent on us - we are dependent on them.

3 - Our clients do not interrupt our work - they are the purpose of it.

4 - Our clients do us a favor when they request our professional assistance.  We do not do them a favor by serving them.

5 - Our clients are not collections of files and data - they are human beings with feelings and emotions deserving of empathy and compassion at every touchpoint.

6 - Our client’s success is our bullseye.

7 - Our clients are kept well informed of our services for them every step along the way.

8 - Our clients bring us their financial needs - it is our professional obligation to educate our clients on the needs we can and cannot fulfill.

9 - Our clients are deserving of the most courteous and attentive professional service we can give - always being empathetic and compassionate.

10 - We will continuously show our gratitude and appreciation to our clients for making our venture possible.