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“A penny saved, is a penny earned.” ~ Benjamin Franklin
Come tax time, pennies not saved can easily become thousands owed.

For an entrepreneur, planning ahead for taxes is much different if you’re an employee. Being self-employed means full tax liability and timely compliance is your sole responsibility. 

Many business owners become burdened with large tax bills due to improper tax planning, inaccurate financial data, and missed opportunities to lower their liabilities.

We help answer questions like...

  • What is a legitimate business expense?
  • What is my business expense rate?
  • Am I missing money-saving deductions?
  • Should I lease or buy a company vehicle?
  • What is my customer acquisition cost?
  • Is my cost of goods sold accurate?
  • How long do I need to keep documentation?
  • Should I hire employees or pay independent contractors?
  • Can I hire my family?
  • Which IRA is best for me?
  • Is a Health Savings Account right for me?
  • What is my marginal tax rate?
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How much money does my business need to make to put $100 in my pocket?

We work with our clients to develop both personal and business budgets to maintain sufficient cash flow, ensure compliance with federal, state and local municipalities, and most importantly, minimize the risk of detrimental surprises when we prepare their annual tax returns.

And no surprises mean peace of mind, freedom to enjoy the business you have a passion for, and helps you keep as many pennies as possible; securing the financial future for you and your family.