Need help for tax time


April 15th. Tax Day. Who will do your taxes this year?

At One Plus Business and Tax Consulting we believe in educating our clients; because knowledge is power.

So, whether you choose to partner with our firm or not, it’s crucial that you hire the right tax professional to prepare your tax return.

How do I know if I’m hiring a qualified professional to prepare my return?

If you are partnering with an Enrolled Agent, they are qualified. Enrolled agents are licensed by the federal government and must complete 72 hours of continuing education every three years.  

And if the Enrolled Agent is a member of The National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA) he or she is required to complete at least 90 hours in a three-year period. 

FACT:  IRS Code sections now number from 1 to over 9,899 and encompass more than 72,500 pages. Enrolled Agents specialize in taxes.

What is the process for preparing my tax return?

Tax Preparation Graphic Chart
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We want to earn your trust. We want to be your partner.

But no matter who you choose, always make sure...

Your tax preparer has signed your tax returns and documented their Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN).

Your tax preparer holds to the highest ethical standards and does not encourage you to be dishonest or to falsify information.

Your tax preparer asks a lot of questions. Questions ensure you’re maximizing deductions and while avoiding penalties.

Remember, it is you the taxpayer who is ultimately responsible for the information submitted on your tax return.

But when partnered with an Enrolled Agent, you can feel confident that your tax return has been prepared by the best.


Our clients utilize the eSignature process. This overview will walk you through the simple steps of e-signing your documents.